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KEYWORD - After Content and Context this word will dominate internet

Right keywords are the future.

Have you noticed it?

If not, No worries. Let me explain.

We entered into a new era of the internet, and there's a lot happening on a daily basis at a fast pace.

Era of Content and Context

Let's start...

A long time ago, around 26 years ago, a marvelous quote was put in the headlines by Bill Gates.

"Content is King." - Bill Gates

It means "What you put online matters the most".

A picture of lion seeing the words Content is King on Cloud
Content is King PROMPT in DALLE-E3: "Black and white photorealistic illustration of an African Lion sitting on a grassy plain, looking up at the sky. Above the lion, the words 'Content is King' are formed from clouds."

After that time came when how we use cell phones matters more than content which results in another thinking - Context is the Key.

"For me, context is the key – from that comes the understanding of everything." – Kenneth Noland

What I am trying to tell you is:

  1. First era: Content ruled the internet (creation of data).

  2. Second era: Context ruled the internet (creation of data according to platforms and algorithms)

Letter B and Number 13 explaining the nuance of Content is Key.
Context is Key

👉 And then we are in the third era, where content and context will be combined by an AI bot managed through a group of keywords called prompts that will rule the internet.

Diversification and Curiosity are prerequisites to get keywords.

From history, it is already established that intelligent people always do better than their peers.

Why is that?

Because they use their mind to diversify their thinking and keep their curiosity on top.

And, if these intelligent people have access to AI you can imagine what may happen?

Imagine giving everyone a jetpack. Not everyone can use it well but give it to someone really skilled person like a fighter jet pilot who has significant experience with handling gravity and pressure, he can do wonders with this jet pack.

Similarly, if an intelligent person uses AI, it will be like a combination of the two types of intelligence (biological and technological) that will give an intelligent person an upper hand.

Contextually speaking, the ability to apply AI tools in one's work is a next-level opportunity.

This is the internet that people own, powered by artificial intelligence, ever-greater decentralization, and combined human intelligence through social media.

Third Era: One Special Skill called Keyword

The second era showed us how special tools could make a few people really successful.

A guy named Brian Wong made a lot of money with an app on phones. Big companies like Disney and Amazon used it too.

He made a code. That code made him a millionaire.

Making things for phones was a big deal at that time.

Now things are changing.

With AI, you don't need special skills to make cool stuff.

Barriers have been eliminated by artificial intelligence.

To make something that people enjoy, you are no longer required to know how to code, draw, or write. or to enhance corporate operations. or to address a workflow problem.

All you need to do is understand how to use AI successfully.

The only limitation of AI applications is the level of user intent.

You just need to know how to use AI by iterating your intent by placing the correct KEYWORDS.

Intelligent People

High-intelligence people can think well, solve problems, learn quickly, and understand hard things better than people with low-intelligence.

  • In movies, the director hires the best actors who can connect with the audience through emotions.

  • In sports, teams trade athletes because of their unique talent.

  • In tech, people with cognitive ability are hired because that is valuable in knowledge work.

It's just a matter of time, these high-intelligence people keep iterating and finding ways to be more intelligent, smarter, and wise by using AI.

Iterative thinking + AI = Superhuman Skills.

Studies show that high intelligence do better in their jobs.

Some reasons are:

  • One of the three essential components required for efficient AI applications is high human intelligence.

  • People with high intelligence are better at solving complicated problems, which is crucial for the development of AI, managing large amounts of data, and understanding the strategic potential of AI.

  • They can adapt to AI more quickly than their colleagues since they have better information curation abilities.

  • At this early period (when much of what is generated isn't genuine), those with strong cognitive capacity are more resistant to irrelevant, falsified information, which is extremely advantageous.

  • High intelligence skills and innovative and creative thinking are correlated. Innovative applications of AI and strategic ones that boost performance are more likely than with people of lesser cognitive ability.

Looking into the Future.

"People with machines will do better than people without them." - Karim Lakhani

AI won't take away jobs or skills, it will replace tasks.

AI aptitude is the skill of the future in the hands of high-intelligence people.

A person who uses AI will be 2-3 times more productive than a person not using AI.

Numerous of these people were already regarded as great performers.

Now, the normal person won't be able to keep up with person who is AI acting as a copilot.

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