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WEB3 - A secret revolution of internet from reading, writing and sharing to owning an asset.

Web3 - A Virtual Reality in Meta verse

No matter where you are on the web, you can't avoid an avalanche of ChatGPT articles, posts, and opinions. The whole world seems to be obsessed with AI. Not bad. People need to understand and master new technologies. But not all technology is created equal. On the surface, technology like ChatGPT may seem powerful, transformative, even magical. But to properly appreciate it, we need to know how and why it was built and, more importantly, who owns and controls it. Now Big Tech owns his AI and as we have learned Big Tech is not on humanity's side. Most technology companies start off with a real focus on doing good in the world. But market forces (or leadership shifts) can thwart your best intentions. Ethics must be baked into the code, with technology to eliminate evil as an option. I just found out about web3. Rather than relying on companies to act ethically, the spirit of web3 is to build technology that doesn't turn evil. And we look forward to seeing many innovative startups using Web3 technology to effectively decentralize AI. In the meantime, when you try ChatGPT, remember that you're improving and adding value to technology that ultimately doesn't work.

But web3 does! Here are 19 reasons everyone should know about web3 and why it's important to our future. 1. It's the new Internet. Either you have to keep up or you become irrelevant. 2. Digital Property. You are a digital serf, providing the content and attention that powers the internet. Big tech platforms are making trillions of dollars, but you're making $0. Web3 gives you online ownership and makes you a digital owner. 3. Privacy. No privacy online. Your identity and activities are fully visible on the backend. With zero-knowledge proofs, web3 creates user privacy and security. 4. Security. Centralized databases are often hacked, leading to privacy violations, identity theft, and other problems. These cost hundreds of billions of dollars each year and put you at risk. Web3's distributed storage provides security that is relatively hard to hack. 5. Your identity. Today your identity is "owned" by a centralized entity (government, DMV, IRS), bank, mobile operator or digital platform. Web3 gives you the ability to own and manage your digital and her IRL identity. 6.Your data. Data is the “hidden” economy of trillions of dollars/100 zettabytes. Web3 formalizes the data economy by enabling the transparent buying and selling of data while preserving privacy. 7. No middlemen. We know the expression "starving artist". Creators, Artists, Musicians and content creator’s It's time to get the tools to help creators build their wealth. With Web3, you can reach your audience and sell your work without the burden of middlemen. 8. Unlock Captive Capital. It will take him two days to process the credit card transaction. Web3 settles transactions instantly, frees up capital and expands the economy. 9. Autonomy in Business. Business has always needed trust. Web3 gives individuals and businesses more autonomy by supporting trusted transactions. Trade securely with anyone, anywhere.

10.Automate transactions. The free market is hardly free, and even sending money costs money. Web3 uses smart contracts to automate and execute complex transactions. Reduce business costs. 11. Financial access for unbanked people. Worldwide he has more than 1.7 billion people without access to financial products. Web3 brings his DeFi (decentralized finance), allowing anyone with internet to access credit and do business. Transform the poorest communities. 12. Decentralize AI. Frankly, AI is just another form of Big Tech. centralize power. Web3 can decentralize power and solve this giant AI problem. 13. Accurate news. It's hard to tell fact from online fiction these days. Web3 can be used to verify the correctness of the message. 14. Fight censorship. Human rights, democracy and progress are all based on freedom of expression. Web3 technology is censorship resistant and allows freedom of expression and information exchange. 15. Equality and Justice. Throughout history, the financial system has oppressed disadvantaged people and countries. Web3 offers an innovative tokenomics and governance approach. This helps people take back control of their money and their future. 16. Tokenization of real assets. In today's market, everything is segregated, with different platforms and intermediaries. web3 allows you to tokenize any asset or income stream. This creates endless new business and innovation opportunities. 17. Better structure for companies and organizations. Existing corporate structure can be a problem. DAO is web3's organizational structure owned and operated by its members. 18. Community Led Economy. In our current economic system, community is secondary. The web3 community will become a Fortune 500 in 2030, designing products, running their own businesses and building economies. 19. Innovation. Web3 company is one of the most innovative companies. They make products that transform nearly every aspect of our lives. Thanks for reading and before you go…

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