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HUMAN BRAIN - Powerful and complicated device in the known Universe

“Great thinkers, icons, and innovators think forward and backward. Occasionally, they drive their brain in reverse.” — Anonymous

You have a human brain and I have the same.


Yes, but majority of the humans don't use it to its full potential. 😃

But this is the MOST POWERFUL and COMPLICATED machine which is behind our favourite tool CHATGPT.


  1. When you find yourself sleeping in a new environment for the first time, the brain processes danger and remains half-awake in order to be more aware.

  2. The fastest supercomputer in the world uses 24 million Watts to run, yet human brains need only 20 Watts and operate 100,000 times quicker.

“The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.” — Michio Kaku

A depiction of Human Brain - In the form of man with braina nd light bulb
A depiction of the Human Brain


  • The human brain is split into two sides, with each interacting with the opposite side of the body. While this interaction is known, the reason for it is still not understood.

  • When awake, the human brain has the ability to produce about 23 watts of electricity.

  • The brain receives 20% of the total blood and oxygen generated by our body.

  • The blood arteries in the brain have a length of about 100,000 kilometers.

  • The neurons grow at an alarming pace of 250,000 per minute in the early stages of pregnancy.

  • Nearly all colors have a physical wavelength associated with it, but the color Magenta doesn’t. Instead,

  • 3% of your brain is just water, which means that if you get dehydrated by more than 2%, you can suffer from a loss in attention, cognitive skills, and memory.

“The brain is wider than the sky.” — Emily Dickinson

  • You can actually improve your memory if you choose to eat seafood regularly. The fatty acids in these foods improve the memory-storing parts of your brain.

  • The brain cannot experience pain. This allows neurosurgeons to probe areas within the brain while patients are awake. They can then get real-time feedback from each patient, allowing them to pinpoint particular regions, like for speech or movement.

  • During sleep, your body produces a hormone that prevents you from getting up and acting out your dreams. Five minutes after a dream, your body has already forgotten half of it and ten minutes later it is 90% gone from your memory.

  • Our brains can compute 10 to the 13th and 10 to the 16th operations per second. That is equivalent to 1 million times the people on earth. In theory, brains are capable of solving problems faster than any computer in the world, perhaps better than any computer that will ever exist.

  • Déjä vu hasn’t been fully explained. Scientists think that it’s actually a neurological glitch caused by something being registered in memory before conscious thought.

  • Sweating for 90 minutes can temporarily decrease the brain by the same amount as one year of aging.

“Our entire biological system — the brain and the earth itself — work on the same frequencies.” — Nikola Tesla

  • Stress can change the size of your brain (and make it smaller).

  • Our brains are actually incapable of multitasking.

  • Your vision trumps all other senses.

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