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CHATGPT CEO FIRED - This happened in Apple 38 years ago, Guess who?

I just awake and saw the news headline about CEO of CHATGPT Creator Open AI fired Sam Altman.

Interesting days we are living.

As per news

“Sam Altman was fired from OpenAI in November 2023 due to a loss of confidence by the board of directors. The board cited Altman’s lack of candor in his communications on a consistent basis with them as the reason for their decision.”


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Corporate Firing — CHATGPT Maker OpenAI CEO Fired

As per them, this behavior hindered his ability to exercise his responsibilities.

If you check all over the internet, you will not find specific instances what Altman’s lack of Candor. 

Typical Corporate Bullshit. 

That is why I am a fan of the new post covid-19 mantras:

Solopreneurship business and Salary is a financial drug.

Altman’s departure from OpenAI was a surprise to many in the tech industry. 

OpenAI has not yet announced a permanent replacement for Altman but the company’s chief technology officer, Mira Murati, is serving as interim CEO. 😎

News is over now let's come to the point.

About 38 years ago something similar to this happened with Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was forced out of Apple in 1985 after a long power struggle with the company’s CEO John Sculley and Apple’s board of directors. 

Top 5 reasons of CEO FIRED

Let us analyze key reasons for Job departure with the Altman scenario:

1. Clash of Leadership Styles 

 Jobs had a confrontational and demanding management style that clashed with Sculley’s more calm and relaxed approach.

We all know the toxic behaviour of Steve Jobs.

The board sided with Sculley.

Could this be the reason for Altman’s departure? Time will tell.

2. Power struggle 

 Jobs tried to orchestrate a coup to unseat Sculley while he was away on a business trip. 

However, the board discovered the plan and sided with Sculley.

This could be a personal one. In my opinion, this may not be the reason.

3. Declining Macintosh sales and poor stock performance 

The board blamed Jobs for slow Macintosh computer sales and declining stock prices.

I don’t think so, CHATGPT is growing not lagging. Or is it because of new GPTs? 🤔

4. Resistance to licensing 

Jobs staunchly refused to license Apple’s operating system to other hardware makers, while Sculley

and the board wanted to give licenses to others to boost sales.

Not applicable to open AI. We are living in the App Store and BUILD YOUR OWN APP era.

5. Loss of CEO role

In May 1985, Sculley reorganized the company and removed Jobs’ operational duties. This left Jobs with control only over the Macintosh group.

Not applicable to open AI.

After months of power struggle, Jobs resigned as chairman in September 1985 after he was stripped of all duties by Sculley.

In summary, the board felt Jobs’ aggressive management style and resistance to their strategy was hurting Apple. 

So, they sided with Sculley to force Jobs out of the company he co-founded.

But Jobs’ departure from Apple marked a significant turning point both for him and the company. 

He was later brought back to Apple when he returned in 1996, firing the whole board of directors.

And the rest we all know who was right and who was wrong.

Not many people in this world know Apple Board of 1985.

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