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2030 - Be Ready for 2030!!! Read these 5 master tips.

2030 will come in a blink of an eye. The world will be a very different place by then. Over the next seven years, the massive changes caused by the confluence of forces will affect every aspect of normal life. Geopolitical cataclysms, climate-related catastrophes, and exponential technology will disrupt industry, labour, and society. Here is how to prepare for that.

1. Increase Adaptability

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." - Stephen Hawking. The key to adaptability is the willingness to change yourself. You can easily become more adaptable by adopting an open-minded mindset instead of being rigid. According to Bob Johansen of the Institute for the Future, to face an uncertain future, people need "strong opinions, which are weakly held". Weak opinions are problematic. Because people need to be encouraged to gather the energy to test it. On the other hand, it is also important not to be too fixated on your beliefs. Doing this limits your ability to process information that contradicts what you believe to be true. not. Quite the opposite. Once you've committed to outcome, you're ready to make adjustments.

Think of your life and career as an exploration. It's more of an adventure than a plan. Have goals but be flexible about how you get there. Remember, humans are wired for predictability. So, this exercise requires you to reframe your thinking to get used to the unknown.

2. Go Global

You are socialized into believing that you belong to a particular group, be it nationality, religion, ethnicity or culture. But these elements of your identity are only useful if they contribute to your sense of self and help you optimize your life. To succeed in this coming age, you must broaden your horizons beyond social conditioning and celebrate humanity's best ideas as they emerge. From machine learning, we know that the dataset used to train an AI model is critical to the model's effectiveness. Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO): Feeding poor quality data to the AI ​​model returns similar results. No different from humans. To function optimally, they need access to the widest range of data of the highest quality. Your personal dataset is heavily influenced by the people you hang out with in real life and on Twitter, and the content you interact with. Evaluate current data sources and enhance if necessary.

Make it your goal to collect input data from all over the world. The less familiar the source, the better.

3. Unleash your creativity

Creativity is not a special talent of the few. Each individual can create. This is the most powerful way to add value to our communities, economies and the world. Some fear that the explosion of artificial intelligence and the automation of repetitive tasks will make them unnecessary in the workplace. In fact, AI will unlock billions of boring mundane tasks, open up fundamentally new ways of working, and enable more people to use their creativity to make a living. Expect millions of new artists, writers, designers, musicians and performers. Be one of them.

4. Unlearn the Old

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be illiterate, but will be unable to learn, stop learning and never learn again.” - Alvin Toffler The more successful I am, the more I believe in how I've led my work and life to this point. But in the time of exponential age, not only are past methods useless. They actively hinder you when you try to move forward. A moment of true self-evaluation. It's time to rethink your self-awareness, mindset and wavelength. And renew yourself for the new world. The world is repeating itself at breakneck speed, so he should do this exercise once every six months.

5. Embrace new technology

“Fortune favors the brave.” - Virgil Times of change present great opportunities. And if you have the courage to step into the void and create new solutions, you can win. We need to adopt new technology. Humans have long struggled with nature and sought supremacy. In the 21st century, games have changed with the addition of technology. Today, whoever controls technology controls the world. To be successful, you must be able to use technology wisely. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Web3, and genetic engineering are just some of the technologies that will reshape life as we know it. Your bold new endeavours should include one or more of these. Preparing for 2030 requires a combination of creativity and the technology to amplify it.


Become Adaptable: Since humans are hard-wired to prefer the predictable, you must rewire yourself to feel at ease in the face of uncertainty.

Become Global: In order to operate at your best, you need input from all over the world, and the more diverse the source, the better.

Develop Your Creativity: It's the most effective strategy to benefit your neighbourhood, the economy, and the entire planet.

Unlearn the Old: You need to change your self-perception, perspective, and wavelength in order to better prepare yourself for the modern day.

Accept New Technologies: If you want to be ready for 2030, you need to combine your creative brilliance with the technology that will make it more powerful.


“In an age of infinite leverage, judgement is the most important skill.” - Naval Ravikant

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