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We live in the VUCA world where today something is correct and tomorrow something or vice-versa. That means we cannot rely only on tested methods and ideas rather we need to learn new knowledge and ideas that enforce us to continuously think in counter-intuitive loop, "Quantum Thinking" i.e. Yes or No. Also called Paradox Mindset.

So, What is Quantum and why I choose?

The term Quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in any interaction. It means we have to focus on minute details of the information.

And, what is the motive behind choosing the word Quantum Thinking?

Lets take two phenomenon from physics:

Light has dual nature of both particle and wave at the same time, proven by Niels Bohr, called Quantum Superposition.

Albert Einstein, contemplated how an object could be both at rest and moving depending on the position of the observer, a consideration that ultimately led to his Theory of Relativity.

So, purpose of this blog is:

  • Transform the human mindset.

  • Simplify complex jargon through analogies.

  • Emphasize using Why, instead of What and How.

        ​Tools consistently used in this Blog

  • Maxim

  • Mental Model

  • Metaphor

A metaphor of Quantum Thinking - Can you identify black dots in the Grid?

220px-Grid_illusion 1.png

The above optical illusion is called "Hermann Grid Illusion" in Psychology.

Employment vs Investment vs Business.png